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    Home » Testing Certifications » QTP Certifications » QTP Certification Practice Questions Part2

    QTP Certification Practice Questions Part2

    A D V E R T I S E M E N T

    Testing Certifications

    1. The toolbar enables you to view the details of an individual action or the entire test flow is:
    A. Testing toolbar
    B. None of the above
    C. Action toolbar
    D. Test Pane

    2. The key that is used to Start/End analog recording mode ?
    A. F3
    D. F10

    3. QuickTest supports virtual object for analog or low-level recording.
    A. False
    B. True

    4. To use a specific property to identify your object, but that property is not listed in the properties list. Then how do you identify that object?
    A. Add the specific property to the list
    B. Use the Default property
    C. Use some other property to identify your object

    5. The checkpoint used to check the alt attribute exists for all relevant objects (such as images) is
    A. Database CheckPoint
    B. Accessibility checkpoint
    C. Bitmap checkpoint
    D. Standard checkpoint

    6. Bitmap checkpoint is supported in VB environment.
    A. True
    B. False

    7. Can we parameterize the checkpoints properties?
    A. No
    B. Yes

    8. What is the shortcut key that is used for a Standard Checkpoint?
    A. F12
    B. F2
    C. F10
    D. F7

    9. Can we change name of checkpoint?
    A. No
    B. Yes

    10. To compare the values of the specified property during a run session with the values stored for the same test object property within the test.
    A. Checkpoint
    B. All the above
    C. Output Value
    D. Compare the object property

    11. You will use which recording mode for an object not recognized by QuickTest?

    A. Low-Level Recording Mode
    B. Normal recording Mode
    C. Analog Mode

    12. The statement that calls the recorded analog file is:
    A. RunAnalog
    B. CallAnalog
    C. ExecuteAnalog

    13. An action can be called by other tests or actions is:
    A. Call Action
    B. Split Action
    C. Reusable Action

    14. You can replace the page in your Active Screen tab:
    A. False
    B. True

    15. QuickTest adds a checkpoint statement in the Expert View as:
    A. Check Checkpoint
    B. Checkpoint

    16. A Checkpoint checks that a text string is displayed within a defined area in a Windows application is:
    A. Accessibility
    B. Text Area
    C. Standard
    D. Text

    17. In ACTIVE X environment, an ACCESSIBILITY checkpoint is supported?
    A. No
    B. Yes

    18. Can we get the execution time for an action in a Test?
    A. Yes
    B. No

    19. Can we add external library files in QTP?
    1. No
    2. Yes

    20. The method used to get data from HTML Table is
    A. GetData(Row,Col)
    B. GetRowValue(Rowid,Colname)
    C. GetCellData (Row,Col)

    21. The Command used to insert the transactions in test is:
    A. StartTransaction(Name�), EndTransaction(Name�)
    B. Services.StartTransaction "Name", Services.EndTransaction "Name"
    C. "Name�, "Name"

    22. A step in which one or more values are captured at a specific point in your test and stored for the duration of the run session is:
    A. Output Value
    B. Checkpoints
    C. Active Screen

    23. QuickTest can detects an application crash and activate a defined recovery scenario to continue the run session.
    A. True
    B. false

    24. In Batch Test process, the test list are saved in file format as:
    A. *.mtb
    B. *.mts
    C. *.mbt
    D. *.mtr

    25. The command used to invoke other application from QTP:
    A. InvokeApplication
    B. SystemUtil.Run
    C. Run
    D. Both b & c
    E. Both a & b

    26. The command used to retrieve data from excel sheet is
    A. Set ab = Connection("srcfilepath ") , Set ws = ab.getdata(sheetid)
    B. Set ab = CreateObject("srcfilepath ") , Set ws = ab.getsheet(sheetid)
    C. Set ab = GetObject("srcfilepath") , Set ws = ab.worksheets(sheetid)

    27. The method that explicitly activates the recovery scenario mechanism is:
    A. recovery.activate
    B. enable
    C. recovery.enable
    D. activate

    28. The method used for sending information to the test results is:
    A. Reporter.log()
    B. Reporter.reportevent()
    C. Reporter.msgbox()

    29. To terminate an application that is not responding we use:
    A. SystemUtil.terminate
    B. SystemUtil.Stop
    C. SystemUtil.CloseProcessByName

    30. The recovery mechanism does not handle triggers that occur in the last step of a test:
    A. false
    B. True

    31. We can add Test object methods, function calls into the Test using:
    A. Function generator
    B. Step generator
    C. Object repository

    32. The method that adds to the test while implementing synchronization is:
    A. Synchronize
    B. Wait
    C. WaitProperty
    D. Pause

    33. The mechanism used to identify objects during run session is:
    A. Recovery scenario
    B. Smart identification
    C. Handling object

    34. Post-recovery test run options specifies:
    A. how to continue the run session after QTP identify the event
    B. errors while running
    C. recovery scenario during a run session

    35. The action that can be called multiple times by the test as well as by other tests is called:
    A. non-reusable action
    B. Reusable action
    C. External action

    36. The command used to connect with Database is:
    A. Createobject(connectivity name�)
    B. dbconnect(connectivity name)
    C. open(connectivity name)
    D. None of the above

    37. The method used to retrieve the folders is:
    A. FileSystemObject.Getfolder()
    B. FileSystemObject.selectfolder()
    C. FileSystemObject.retrievefolder()

    38. The method used to compare 2 XML files is:
    B. XMLcompare(file1,file2)
    C. compare(XMLfile1,XMLfile2)

    39. The QTP script files are stored in the extension of:
    A. *.mts
    B. *.usr
    C. *.mtr
    D. *.vbs

    40. The method used to register the user-defined function with test object is:
    A. setFunc()
    B. RegisterUserFunc()
    C. RegisterFunc()

    41. The method used to open the specified URL in a browser is:
    A. openURL()
    B. navigateURL()
    C. navigate()

    42. The 3 Parameter types available in data driver is:
    A. DataTable,Environment,Random number
    B. DataTable,random number,unique
    C. environment,string,numeric

    43. The method added to the test while parameterizing is:
    A. get Data (variable, dtGlobalSheet)
    B. get DataTable(variable, dtGlobalSheet)
    C. Set Data(variable, dtGlobalSheet)
    D. Set DataTable(variable, dtGlobalSheet)

    44. The length of the array can be get by the method:
    A. length(array)
    B. ubound(array)
    C. count(array)

    45. The method used to get the count value of list box or combo box is:
    A. GetItemsCount
    B. GetCount
    C. GetItemCount

    46. To retrieve the current the objects in your application during the run session:
    A. GetVisibleText
    B. GetROProperty
    C. SetROProperty
    D. GetTOProperty

    47. The list of test objects and their properties and values are stored in the:
    A. Object Repository
    B. Object Identification

    48. The method used to continue the test execution after getting run-time error is:
    1. On Error Resume Next
    2. On Error Raise Next
    3. On Error Next

    1. C
    2. B
    3. A
    4. A
    5. D
    6. A
    7. B
    8. C
    9. A
    10. C
    11. A
    12. C
    13. C
    14. A
    15. A
    16. B
    17. B
    18. A
    19. 2
    20. B
    21. A
    22. A
    24. A
    25. D
    26. B
    27. -
    28. B
    29. A
    30. B
    31. B
    32. B
    33. B
    34. A
    35. B
    36. B
    37. -
    38. -
    39 D
    40. -
    41. C
    42. A
    43. B
    44. B
    45. A
    46. B
    47. A
    48. 1

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